Inspiration from a Convent in ToscanaAnnette Præstegaard,
Experiences from walks along the Danish Coast and from various travels are expressed together in my oil paintings and collages. Each picture represents not a single experience, but is the expression of feelings emanating from these experiences.

My travels and studies which occurred over
a number of years, took me to the USA , France, and the Mediterranean countries.
In recent years my travels included two periods in a convent in Toscana that inspired pictures presenting two aspects of the convent. The first involved the rich coloring and shapes of its architecture. The second, was the strong spiritual influence of The Holy Frans of Assisi on the nature of social relationships of the convent.

I began painting professionally at a young age, with my instruction starting at 16 years of age. In the 1980’s I studied at the Academe of Art in Aarhus, Denmark.
I work with illustration and web page design in addition to painting and collage.