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Design: Annette Præstegaard
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Unika smykker i gaveæsker. Design:  Annette Præstegaard

  The Sienna one-of-a-kind jewellery is crafted by Annette Praestegaard,  
  and every  piece is a small work of art, made from the finest hand rolled
  glass from the United States of America.

  The Sienna Jewellery makes it possible for you to acquire pieces of 
  jewellery, that are   truely unique. The plentitude of of shapes, colours
  and design allows you to choose pieces, that match your taste and
  temperament. Your choice of one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery, for their 
  aesthetic aeauty, shows that you value high quality.

  Travels abroad and studies of art have inspired and influenced Annette
  Praestegaard's work for many years. Especially travels in France and the
  United States of America, and most recently, two visits to a cloister in
  Tuscany, Italy.


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